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Necessary Age, Height, Appearance and Measures to Become a Professional Model

Being a catwalk professional model is a continuous dream for many boys and girls nowadays. Many work hard in order to achieve their dreams, because fashion industry is harsh when it comes to physical criteria and requirements for a professional model. Age, physical appearance, height and many other features make the difference between a professional model and only an amateur one. Female models should fit inside the following requirements criteria in order to be successful models – they should be between 13 and 24. 13 is a suitable age for becoming a model because, at that age, girls make their first steps towards the glamorous fashion industry under the surveillance of fashion advisers. Moreover, in order to become a model, girls’ height should be at least 170 cm. Besides, it is very important to keep in mind that any decision you might take and if you are underage, you need parental consent.
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