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Care Tips for Curly Hair

Many people with straight or wavy hair dream of an ideal curly hairstyle, but be careful because a healthy curly hair needs very much attention and care. According to the hairstylists, curly hair needs leave-in conditioners between the washing sessions because curly hair tends to become dry in a short time. It is good to dry your curly hair naturally, only with a towel and always use curly hair shampoos. A styling tip for curly hair is to use the best products for your hair, such a foam or wax, which suits your hair type best in order to avoid damage. When you decide to cut your hair, take care of it and let it be cut only by specialists, who use a special cut technique, in order to avoid hair damage.

Curly Hair Care Tips – Source zonehairstyles

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2014 Trends for Short Haircuts and Hairstyles

The key term for the future trends in haircuts and hairstyling in 2014 is asymmetry. It is not difficult to obtain such a haircut in 2014 because hairstylists will outline the shapes of the face and the idea of originality. Try and experiment a short haircut in 2014 according to the trends in matter of hairstyles. Whether you are forced by the situation to cut your hair, because of massive hair loss, caused by extreme diets, or whether you want a radical change for yourself, trends in 2014 haircuts will draw the attention of passersby most than anything. Don’t forget, in 2014 originality, asymmetry, bright colours and a strong attitude make the difference in the eyes of the others!

2014 Trends for Short Haircuts – Source

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Feel Warm in a Trendy Pair of Fur Yeti Snow Boots in 2011

The white season is near and the famous designers in fashion industry and models on the catwalk have already made some suggestions for winter 2011 snow boots collection. In order to be a trendy woman, you will be most surely admired in the yeti style snow boots in 2011. Fur boots will always be in because natural fur is a very precious material for fur winter snow boots. Fur yeti boots of all colours are worn in the street, in the mountain, almost everywhere!

D&G Winter 2011 Fur Yeti Boots Collection – Source

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